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March is Nutrition Month

Strength. Speed. Endurance. Recovery. Growth... 

what do they all have in common? 


They all start on your plate! 

Join me each Wednesday in March for my next Fuel Your Game series.

Each session is a 45-60 minute live Zoom class

(replay available for registrants), 


designed for athletes ages 12-18.

(Contact me to request a private class for your team)

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Healthy Food

Fueling Your Game

(contact for future dates) 

What are macro & micronutrients?

Which nutrients do you need- and when do you need them- to support performance and recovery?


Answering these questions & more!

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6 Game Changers

(contact for future dates)

6 small changes you can start TODAY to improve your performance, energy, focus, and recovery.

Fresh Cooking

Rest & Recovery

(contact for future dates)

How you fuel today impacts how you play tomorrow.


Support recovery with nutrition, quality sleep, and mindset techniques. 

(All sessions recorded for replay)

How you fuel today impacts how you play tomorrow.  Are your goals at risk from following myths about protein and supplements? 

How does sleep increase your strength and reduce risk of injury? How does stress affect digestion, focus, and recovery?

Are ice baths, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massage effective?

Support recovery and minimize risk of injury with these nutrition, quality sleep, and mindset tips and techniques. 

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(contact for future dates)

What should you eat before a game?

What should you eat before early morning practices & games?

What's the best post-workout snack?

Answering these questions & more!

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(contact for future dates)

Maintain healthy eating habits even when you're away from home. 


Between game fueling ideas at restaurants and options along the way.

Staples to keep in your hotel room, bring on the road, and pick up while you're there.

Great for travel, prep school, and billeting.

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21 goal of the day delivered right to your inbox PLUS 40 meal & snack recipes delivered right to your door!


All designed to improve teen athlete fueling, quality of sleep, and stress management for...

*boosting immunity

*reducing risk of injury

*increasing energy

*improving focus

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