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8 Healthy snacks for school

While consistent fueling at school is always challenging, it's become even more so as students return post Covid shutdowns. Some students have adjusted schedules. Some schools ended lunch services. Some schools don't allow snacks during or between classes.

But, athletes know consistent fueling is essential for endurance, focus, performance, and recovery.

We don't want to break school rules, yet we also don't want to succumb to energy spikes/crashes or end up famished at the end of the day.

These eight school snack ideas are nutrient-dense so they provide consistent energy throughout the day and are portable for passing periods.

  1. DIY trail mix: combine almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate chips, and freeze dried berries for brain fuel that'll keep you focused and energized (if nuts are prohibited, add whole grain dry cereal to the mix instead)

  2. Frozen grapes: tastes like candy. Really! Eat them before they thaw though or they'll get a little mushy.

  3. Breakfast cookies: perfect in the morning (especially for reluctant breakfast eaters) or as a fueling snack for longer-lasting energy. Bake as mini-cookies if you want a few during the day {click link for recipe}

  4. Freeze dried fruit and dark chocolate square: sweet and delicious, yet also packed with immunity boosting nutrients.

  5. Air popped popcorn: believe it or not, air-popped popcorn is a good source of brain and body fuel for focus and sustained energy (meaning no energy spikes/ crashes). Its fiber also supports digestive health and keeps your stomach from growling in class.

  6. Pinwheel sandwiches: Slice your favorite wrap sandwich into wheels for bite-size passing period fuel. Try cream cheese & cucumber or hazelnut spread & banana if you don't have an insulated bag.

  7. Fresh fruit slices: apples, pears, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, mango... we just hit most of the immunity boosting rainbow! Too messy? Add a couple slices to your water bottle for truly natural flavor.

  8. Smoothie: maybe this bends the rules a bit, but if water bottles are allowed and snacks aren't, a smoothie might work. Use a water bottle with a straw attachment for your favorite fruit blend. Add some chia seeds for a source of complete protein.

Though consistent fueling is important, so is consistent hydration. Save the sports drinks for after tough workouts and focus on water at school to get you closer to your "1/2 your weight in ounces" (ex: 130lb = 65 oz water) daily goal.

Need more school snack or lunch ideas? Does your athlete need help with fueling consistency? Contact me HERE or at


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