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Skip the drive-thru: Fueling athletes when there's no time to cook...

Regardless of age or sport, one thing is consistent for sports families... schedules are hectic!

We all have those insane weeks where figuring out how to get everyone where they need to be seems impossible- let alone figuring out how to fit meals into the packed schedule too.

Though a drive-thru is definitely an option, it’s not the only option!!

Rethink convenience with 4 athlete-fueling shortcuts during busy weeks.

  • Sandwich trays from your local deli or grocery store cut down on time packing lunches or the quick school-to-practice turnaround. Buy a family-size sub and slice into portions, or choose a tray with assorted smaller sizes to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

  • Pre-cut fruit and veggie trays are a little more expensive than cutting it yourself but easier to grab and go during busy weeks. Random pieces left at the end of the week? Use leftover fruit for smoothies, and add a little olive oil to roast the veggies!

  • Shredded chicken makes for quick wraps, tacos, salads, sandwiches, and pasta. Time to grill and shred? Cool. No time for even that? Pick up a rotisserie chicken or try this next idea…

  • Cater it! Instead of ordering individual meals from your favorite spot, choose their catering options instead. Larger sizes of rice, fajita veggies, chicken, pasta, and salads are ready to go without time behind the stove and are quick ways to fuel the busy week ahead.

Yes, meal prep is an option, but some weeks even that seems impossible. The focus here is saving time while satisfying fueling needs for the game and growth!

Trying to balance meals and everyone's hectic schedule? Spring teams, camps, or clinics coming up? Let's take a closer look at your schedule and eliminate the stress of fueling!

Click here with questions or to schedule a call to see if Rock Performance is right for your athlete or family.


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