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Virtual Nutrition Classes

Before hitting the gym. Before hitting the ice. You gotta eat.

Join me to build a nutrition foundation to crush your athletic goals.

Classes are designed for athlete age groups 9-19.

Contact me to request a private class for your team.

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What are macro & micronutrients?

How much protein does your body really need?

How does food reduce your risk of injury?

Answering these questions & more...

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How much water does your body need?

When is water not enough for hydration?

Which sports drinks are better for you?

Why is sugar a big deal?

Are "Zero" drinks better for you?

Answering these questions & more...

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Are supplements safe?

What are the risks for growing athletes?

When are supplements important?

Which labels are important?

Which supplements does the NCAA support?

Answering these questions & more...

How you fuel today impacts how you play tomorrow.  Are your goals at risk from following myths about protein and supplements? 

How does sleep increase your strength and reduce risk of injury? How does stress affect digestion, focus, and recovery?

Are ice baths, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massage effective?

Support recovery and minimize risk of injury with these nutrition, quality sleep, and mindset tips and techniques. 

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Fri. May 15th 11:30am CST

What should you eat before a game?

What should you eat before early morning practices & games?

What's the best post-workout snack?

When should you eat before working out?

Answering these questions & more...

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Fri. May 15th 4:30am CST

We aren't just setting goals... we're crushing them. 

Get ready to plan the steps to achieving your individual goals with measurable action.

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Fuel Their Game will take your game to the next level. Eliminate the frustration of what and when to eat for best performance & recovery. 

Also includes 19 of my favorite post-workout snacks.

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