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"Eat to win... not just for a seaon, but for a lifetime."


Why Rock Performance?

Players are expected to show up to games and practices focused, energized, and recovered from the previous day's work, right?
Unfortunately, most young athletes have no idea how the foods they eat- and when they eat them- affect their growth, performance, or recovery.
Too often, athletes and parents are guessing which foods are best... or even worse, listening to the conflicting information flooding social media-
which is often wrong, and often downright dangerous: what fuels adults, is not the same nutrition that fuels growing athletes.

Their maturing bodies physiologically aren't developed for many of the fad diets, supplements, or programs heavily marketed to our young athletes.


Adolescents and teens require unique attention to maintain hydration, to ensure proper fueling pre/post workout, and to meet nutritional needs during games and tournaments for optimal performance. 

They need a solid nutrition foundation that fuels their game and future health... and accommodates hectic sports schedules.

Rock Performance programs fit your lifestyle.
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Youth sports- especially high level competition- requires additional attention to nutritional needs, especially during adolescence.


Build a foundation for teen athletes with the essentials of maintaining hydration, proper fueling pre/post workout, and meeting nutritional needs during tournaments/competition for best performance. 

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