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Which Course Is Right For You?

Hockey Puck & Stick

21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge

To meet the physical and mental demands of the game you need strength, speed, and focus.

In order to reach your goals, a solid foundation is essential.

Nutrition plays a huge role- but it’s not the only game changer...

Quality sleep and stress management also play an essential part in recovery, growth, and performance.

Where do begin?


The 21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge.


21 Goal of the Day opportunities for fuel, sleep, and stress management to 

  • increase energy

  • improve recovery

  • reduce risk of injury

  • strengthen immunity

  • increase endurance

  • increase focus



in addition to 21 days of goal achieving tips- you'll also receive 20 quick recipes to keep you fueled at home and on the road. 


CLICK BELOW to register or learn more about the 21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge!

Hockey Stick

The Champion Method

Early practices, late games, and out of state tournaments mean one thing... meal times are a nightmare.

The Champion Plan 6 Week Program includes athlete specific macro/micro nutrient needs plus... ​​

  • 10 Weeks Menus & Recipes

  • 10 Weekly Check=Ins

  • 3 Custom Activity-Based Meal Guides

  • Grocery Checklists

  • Travel Food Checklists

  • Supplementary Video Training

  • Access to Foundation Builders private group with additional videos & training

  • Bonus: Fuel Your Game Ebook 

  • Bonus: Breakaway Box

Eliminate the what to eat and when to eat frustration with tournament checklists, menu planning, quick healthy recipes, and grocery guides.

Avoid desperate drive-thru on the road meals with our travel meal planner.

In addition to building a lifelong foundation for healthy eating, proper nutrition for young athletes increases energy, reduces risk of injury, improves recovery rate, and is essential for growth and maturation.

Contact me to make sure The Champion Method is right for your athlete. 

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Travel sports are a commitment for the entire family. Practice, game, and tournament schedules often lead to "convenient" drive-thru meals that feel like the only option.

FUEL THEIR GAME: what and when to feed your athlete focuses on info about macronutrients, meal timing for hectic schedules, proper hydration needs, and pros/cons of supplements.


Despite endless hours of nutrition education (even with Stanford & John Hopkins)... I still believed water was the only hydration necessary for my kids during their sports. 
It wasn’t until I switched my training to sports nutrition specifically for kids that I realized how wrong I was... and not just about hydration.

Yeah- that felt like a mom of the year moment.


Fast forward 10 years and I’m seeing parents and young athletes make the same mistakes we did-

My NEW BOOK explains why “Just wait until we get home to eat” seems logical- because  we probably just rushed around to have dinner ready for these crazy schedules- but there’s a physiological reason why they shouldn’t wait.


We can’t keep shoving protein shakes and bars in our youth athletes hands and think they’re fueled for their practice and games


Of course we want them to perform their best, but stressing over which foods they need and when they need them needs to stop... same goes for fueling them with “what the pros eat.”  

FTG also has some of my favorite post workout/game snacks to help THE KIDS start taking responsibility for proper fueling at the right time (hey- I don’t want to pack lunches and snacks forever- it’s their sport- they can take some of the responsibility too)


And, we also take a closer look at the additional risks vaping & energy drinks have for athletes.

Download your copy now!

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~Helene P.

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