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Mountain Range

What athletes & parents are saying...


The 90-Day Student-Athlete Game Plan!

designed specifically for youth & teen athletes to...

*organize school & sports schedules

*strengthen the 4-pillar foundation for game and growth

*set and track goals

*plan fueling snacks & meals around sports schedules

*improve energy, endurance, focus, and recovery

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Hockey Puck & Stick

21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge

To meet the physical and mental demands of the game you need strength, speed, and focus.

In order to reach your goals, a solid foundation is essential.

Nutrition plays a huge role- but it’s not the only game changer...

Quality sleep and stress management also play an essential part in recovery, growth, and performance.


The 21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge is the perfect place to begin.


21 opportunities to create new fuel, sleep, and stress management habits designed to 

  • increase energy

  • improve recovery

  • reduce risk of injury

  • strengthen immunity

  • increase endurance

  • increase focus


CLICK BELOW to register or learn more about the 21 Day Rock Your Game Challenge!

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Travel sports are a commitment for the entire family. 


FUEL THEIR GAME: what and when to feed your athlete focuses on fueling youth and teen athletes the way their growing bodies are meant to be fueled... for the game and growth!

FTG also has some of my favorite post workout/game snacks whether it's grab & go or packed from home.

And, we also take a closer look at the rampant nutrition misinformation putting our athletes game and health at risk!

Download your copy now...

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