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Fuel Your Training Workshops

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Speed... Strength... Focus... and Recovery all start on your plate.

If you want to crush your athletic goals, a solid fueling foundation is essential.

The Rock Performance "Training Camp" Series is designed specifically for the unique nutritional needs of youth & teen athletes.

Workshops are open to athletes, parents, and coaches.

Contact me to request a private class for your team.

Before hitting the gym. Before hitting the ice. You gotta eat.

Healthy Food


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How you eat, hydrate, sleep, and manage stress have a dramatic impact on energy, endurance, focus, strength, speed, and recovery.

All of your athletic goals require a solid foundation. 

Eliminate the frustration of what to eat, avoid marketing pitfalls, and catapult your performance to the next level. 

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Tues. May 17th, 24th, 31st  7-8 pm CST

(All sessions recorded for replay)

What should I eat before a game?

What about fueling before early morning practices & games?

What's the best post-workout snack?

What do I eat between two-a-day practices or multiple game weekends?

How do I know if I need more protein? Why do athletes need carbohydrates?

Timing meals and snacks for consistent energy and better recovery simplified! 

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Thurs. May 26th, June 2nd. June 9th 

4-5pm CST

(All sessions recorded for replay)

How you fuel today impacts how you play tomorrow.  Are your goals at risk from following myths about protein and supplements? 

How does sleep increase your strength and reduce risk of injury? How does stress affect digestion, focus, and recovery?

Are ice baths, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massage effective?

Support recovery and minimize risk of injury with these nutrition, quality sleep, and mindset tips and techniques. 

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RP "Training Camp" Series

Save more, ELEVATE HIGHER with 3 workshop bundle

Take your game, growth, and performance to the next level with the RP Training Camp Series: all 3 workshops PLUS Fuel Their Game ebook. 

Don't miss out on any of crucial information that enhances your energy,  focus, strength, speed, and recovery.

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The Champion Method


Looking to elevate your performance and recovery with customized fueling guides, recipes, checklists, and meal timing tailored to your individual nutritional needs?

Contact us to see if our 10 week one to one performance foundation program is right for you. 

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Fuel Their Game


Fuel Their Game will takes an inside look at how food and hydration impacts athlete's game, growth, and future health. Read about sugar, vaping, and energy drink myths. Fuel Their Game also glances into the supplement industry and answers if they're safe for growing athletes.

Also includes 19 of my favorite post-workout snacks.


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