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How Covid-19 changes meal timing for athletes

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Seems like access to our rinks and gyms changes every day-

some locker rooms are closed... some rinks require home- or parking lot dressing... sometimes it even means driving across state lines to find a place to practice. While our sports may look and feel different, one thing hasn't changed- crucial fueling times for athletes. Although the three times are the same, it's more likely that now two of them happen on the road-

except making healthier food choices is never easy- especially on the road.

Concession stands and drive-thru menus don't make fueling choices easier...

morning and late practices don’t make it easier...

and food labeling and nutrition misinformation certainly doesn’t make it easier.

But, we can’t expect athlete's legs to explode with speed if the fuel they choose slows down reactions and energy.

We can’t expect athletes to get stronger if the fuel they choose is counterproductive to growth and recovery. Nutrition isn’t separate from your training- it’s essential for it- even when crucial pre & post workout fuel timing occurs on the road. How do you avoid desperate trips to the drive thru or concession stand?

  1. Plan ahead! Since both pre and post workout fuel times require mostly carbohydrates, bring fruit, power pasta salad, or half a bagel in an insulated bag.

  2. Driving out of state? Pack bread, nut butter, and jelly for unforeseen delays or when late night hunger hits.

  3. Hit the grocery store instead of the drive-thru. It may take an extra couple minutes, but the athletes will benefit from higher quality energy, strength, and endurance fuel.

Need more information about meal timing for your particular schedule? Wondering if your athlete is getting too little (or too much!) protein?

Click Here and let me know how I can help!


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