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8 habits keeping you from your goals

You're motivated. You're doing extra workouts. You're giving your all in games. So why are you STILL not meeting your goals?

Too often we forget that strength, speed, endurance, and focus start long before we get in the gym.

Short changing our body's energy and ability to recover, limits our potential to meet and exceed goals.

Our daily habits can affect our goals more than the number of training sessions, expensive equipment, or game playing time. And, if those habits aren't intended strengthen our foundation, even the best coaches in the world can't help us meet- or sustain- long term goals.

Which daily habits have a negative affect on performance and objectives?

  • Using energy drinks, smelling salts, or pre-workout to get through practices, games, and workouts

  • Catching up on sleep over the weekend

  • Relying on protein powders, BCAA’s, creatine, and/or vitamins for nutritional needs

  • Utilizing negative self talk

  • Focusing on protein as your primary food/snack

  • Eating inconsistently throughout the day

  • Ignoring your minimum hydration needs

  • Applying sports nutrition designed for adults a youth or teen athlete

Any of those 8 sound familiar?

Setting goals is good. Creating a SMARTeR plan to achieve them is essential.

Ready to build daily habits and a SMARTeR plan to achieve your goals? Let's move those obstacles.


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