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One Change to reach performance goals

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The majority of athletes come to me with three things in common: they have specific performance goals, they're under hydrated, and they're under fueled. While they realize the importance of consistency in training and practice- they don't realize the impact of nutrition consistency. A pre-game meal or post-workout protein shake isn't going to cut it.

Sure, what you eat before a game can affect energy levels, muscle fatigue, and cramping. But one meal doesn't fuel endurance, speed, or strength.

Consistency matters-

for performance and growth.

This is also one reason why fueling youth and teen athletes is different than fueling adults, they're feeding developing bones, muscles, and brain too.

Granted there's no shortage of nutritionists and dieticians providing strict meal plans and supplement suggestions, that's really only addressing one part of the athlete: the game.

And, truly, with some of the random places we've been for tournaments and games, I'm not sure where you'd even find their specific foods.

Meals shouldn't cause more stress.

While my athletes recognize how small nutritional changes affect their energy, focus, strength, and recovery, parents also notice their athletes gaining kitchen confidence and reading food labels-

not just for the game, but for their growth and future health.

Where do you begin?

It can all start with one simple, consistent change. Which one? Ask your athlete...

Energy low or fluctuates during the day? Frequent headaches? Congestion? Poor quality of sleep? Recurring acne?

Start with hydration consistency. Challenge your athlete to drink half their body weight in ounces (ie. 100 lbs = 50 oz) every day for 7 days and see which improvements they notice first.

Slow recovery? Sore muscles? Low endurance? Decreased/limited strength?

Start with post-workout refuel consistency. Challenge your athlete to bring a carbohydrate-focus snack (fruit, 1/2 pb&j, zbar, or carrots) to consume within 30-45 minutes post workout or game. See which improvements they notice after 7-10 workouts/games.

Already made these first two routine and ready for the next step? Contact me HERE to see which nutritional changes can help them meet their goals for game... and growth.

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