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8 School Snack ideas for Athletes...

Let’s face it, school hours aren’t always accommodating for fueling consistency. And since athletes need to refuel every 2-3 hours… sometimes that means small snacks during passing periods or during class.

Yes, pre-packaged snack bags are convenient, but they don't always have the necessary nutrients to support athletes

  • energy

  • endurance

  • focus

  • and recovery

throughout the day.

Reusable snack containers, reusable water bottles, and insulated lunch/snack bags (especially if practice is right after school) simplify school fueling - even for those early and late lunch hours.

Snack options that are convenient between classes- or fairly unnoticeable in class- help athletes fuel every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

🍇Grapes & dark chocolate

🥨Pretzels & string cheese

🧇Waffle and nut butter

🥯 1/2 bagel w/cream cheese

🥤a smoothie in a reusable water bottle

🍿 air-popped popcorn

🍊berries, "cuties," or kiwi with graham crackers

🍪breakfast "cookies" (find the recipe here)

Of course... ALWAYS follow school/classroom allergy rules.

so your snacks aren’t a risk for other kids.

Need more school or after school snack ideas? Check out these ideas too!

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