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What is The Champion Method?

It's easy to tell an athlete to eat 25 g. of protein at every meal. It's easy to tell them to eat four hours prior to their game for complete digestion. It's even easy to tell them to refuel between games with sweet potatoes and chicken.


What if the game is at 7am? What if the tournament is in the middle of nowhere?

What if the team bus only stops at fast food restaurants?

Now what do they eat?

What if the athlete is at a hotel for the weekend... or billeting... or living in a dorm... or just doesn't have access to a full kitchen?

Now what?

"Sports nutrition" has fallen under a one size fits all umbrella which couldn't be further from the truth- especially when we're talking about youth and teen athletes.

But, when we think about all of the time dedicated to youth sports: practices, games, transportation, conditioning, film, travel... the one aspect most often short-changed and forgotten on the sidelines is fueling.

Unfortunately, waiting until after the game to ask "what do you want to eat?" is a little bit like the coach showing up to practice wondering "what should we work on today?"

Although common tips like drinking a gallon of water or eating a generalized amount of protein might sound beneficial... they can be downright dangerous if individual nutritional needs and changing activity levels aren't factored into the discussion-

because specializing in adolescent athletes requires more attention than simply fueling their game- we're fueling the foundation for their growth and future health too.

How athletes fuel consistently is the preparation for their

  • energy

  • recovery

  • focus

  • injury prevention

  • immunity

  • growth

  • future health

While there's no shortage of products promising peak performance results, what they're really feeding is their bottom line.

Empowering athletes to understand not just what and when to eat before games and practices, but providing accurate, age-appropriate information they can utilize at home, on the road, at school, and even on their own,

that's the Rock Performance difference.

That's why The Champion Method is more than just a sports nutrition program for teen athletes...

It's empowerment-

It's accountability-

It's consistency-

It's preparation-

It's building their foundation of speed, strength, and focus for the game... and for life.

Wondering if The Champion Method is right for your athlete? Want to know how Rock Performance can benefit the whole family?

Click here with questions or to schedule a call.


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