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What to eat between games

The energy and recovery necessary for multiple game/practice weekends is challenging enough without the added frustration of what to eat between them too. More this season than ever, players are reaching out with frustrations about fueling between games... especially when they're limited to wherever the team bus stops, limited time, or limited options.

One athlete shared that he'd eaten Chipotle SIX TIMES during one weekend showcase. Granted, Chipotle (and other fast-food) quick stops have adequate fueling options, six times in one weekend doesn't offer much variety for recovery and endurance. I know time- and options- aren't always ideal, but how athletes fuel between & after games doesn't just affect that game's performance... it affects recovery and energy for the the next day too.

Most typical fast food choices can leave players with bursts of energy in the first period... and fatigued soon after.

Or, they can result in a slow start requiring one or two periods for their energy to kick in.

Neither are optimal.

Since it takes about 4 hours for full digestion, most tournament & showcase weekends mean smaller- carb focused- meals throughout the day. Of course, recovery is also essential since there are more games the next day. So, it's better to hold off on those milkshakes, fries, pop, and greasy pizza until all games are played!

Looking for specific restaurant ideas? Let me know and I'll send you more on-the-go fueling ideas.

Heading to spring/summer camp? Want to make sure your athlete is fueled for the intense schedule? Contact s via email or click HERE to schedule a short chat.


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