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On the road Part 1: fueling athletes between games

Thanks to Covid restrictions, currently ALL of our games are out of town. While it's fantastic that they're even playing, fueling on the road can be challenging. And let's be honest, with numerous hotel stays, these weekends are a strain on our wallets too. But with our athletes playing multiple games in a short time, nourishment is essential for maintaining energy and endurance as well as recovery and immunity. The dollar menu isn't going to cut it. Since most restaurants are closed to large gatherings, many teams opt for picking up food and gathering in a common space in the hotel or outside. Though the drive-thru seems like the most convenient option (assuming your hotel room doesn't have a full kitchen), it doesn't help our athletes refuel and recover between or after games. Instead, stop by the local grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken. Then add a few more quick picks to provide the essential carbs, vitamins, and minerals they need for enduring the strenuous schedule:

  • bagged lettuce with pre-cut veggies

  • fresh buns for sandwiches & fresh fruit (pineapple & kiwi are great for reducing inflammation and supporting immunity)

  • rice/quinoa pilaf - check the deli counter or microwavable options if you have one in your room

  • tortillas, cut peppers, lettuce for wraps

For about the same price and time you'd spend in the drive-thru, this pick-up switch provides nourishing fuel over nutrient-less food. Added bonus? Pack a reusable container and use leftovers for refueling post-game.

Questions about fueling on the road or your athlete's individual nutritional needs? Message me here.


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